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NPS 4th tune book

New for 2019. The Northumbrian Pipers' Society 4th tunebook. Available online from March 25th. Another in the series, containing tunes from almost four centuries.

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About the Bush, Willy / Ae Fond Kiss / Aly’s Waltz /A M Shinnie / Appelbolaten/ Babes in the Wood / Bagpiper’s Carol / Because He was a Bonny Lad, with variations / Bielbie’s Hornpipe / Bold Wilkinson / Bonny Druridge Bay / Caller Herrin’ / Calum’s Road / Castle Hornpipe / Cave Hill / Cliffs of Old Tynemouth / Clinch Polka / Cut the File / Da Slockit Light / Da Sweerie Box / Dorrington Lads with variations / Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside / Eagle’s Whistle / Earl of Crawford / Fairies Hornpipe / Farewell to Whisky / Far Frae Home / Favourite Hornpipe / Fiddler’s Cramp / Flowers of Edinburgh / Gaby O / Garden House Polka / Gairsay / Galopede / Gilsland Hornpipe / Girl with the Blue Dress on / Glencoe March / Goodnight and Joy be with You / Gypsy’s Hornpipe / Ha’ Ye Seen Owt o’ ma Bonny Lad? / Headlands / Hector the Hero / Helicopter Jig / Herd on the Hill, with variations / Herr Roloff’s Farewell / Hunter’s Hill / If ye will not have me, ye may let me go / I’ll have her awa’ in Spite of her Minnie / Independent Hornpipe / In Dispraise of Dunbar / Jemmy’s Wallet’s Stolen / Jockey’s a Ranter, and Jenny’s a Tearer / Joanne Schofield / Jockey to the Fair / Johnny Cock up yor Beaver / John of Paris / John the Red Nose / Kielder Burnie / Kielder Castle / Kirkgate Hornpipe / Kirk’s Hornpipe / Lasses o’ Dunse / Lasses Pisses Brandy, with variations / Lass that Made the Bed to Me, The, with variations / Leaving Lerwick Harbour / Left-Handed Fiddler / Linnen Hall / Major Mackie’s Jig / Man from Newry / Margaret’s Waltz / Matt Seattle’s Jig / Meeting of the Waters / Memories of Father Angus MacDonnell / Michael Turner’s Waltz / Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff / Miss Jean Milligan / Miss Loraine of Kirkharle / Miss McLeod of Raasay / Miss Rowan Davies / Monk’s March / Morpeth Pipe Band’s Salute to the Chantry / Mount Your Baggage / Mr. Sharp’s Quadrille / Music o’ Spey / My Father’s Polka / Ned of the Hill / New Way of Getting Bairns / New Way to Rothbury / North Shore / Off to California / On the Fiddle / Open the Door to Three / Orange and Blue / Peaches and Cream / Peacock’s Air, with variations / Piper in the Meadow Straying / Portsmouth / President Garfield’s Hornpipe / Read House Rant / Rose Tree in Full Bearing / Roslyn Castle / St. Cuthbert’s Day / St. Patrick’s Day / She’s Sweetest when She’s Naked / Sgurr of Eigg / Smith’s Favourite Hornpipe / Teribus Ye Terioden / Thompson’s Jig / Thou Wily Young Rogue, Oh / Tom Dagg’s Tune / Tom Hackett’s Dream / Tom Mullen’s Welsh Tune / Tow House Polka / Tushkar, The / Wade Hampton’s Hornpipe / Weells Me I'm Getten Shott On Her / Where hast thou been all the day, waggin’ thy hand? / Wild Rose of the Mountain / Will Atkinson’s Jig / William Turner’s Jig / Yellow Walls Hornpipe

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