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The First 30 Tunes Book

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First 30 Tunes

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A selection of traditional tunes for the Northumbrian Small Pipes for beginners 

The basic must-must know repertoire of 30 tunes, as selected by:

Dave Burleigh, Richard Butler, Pauline Cato, David Cook, Richard Evans, Dick Hensold, Ian Lawther, John Liestman, Andy May, Chris Ormston, Anthony Robb, Lance Robson, Colin Ross, Julia Say, Adrian Schofield, Dave Shaw, Ernie Shultis, Richard Shuttleworth, and Kathryn Tickell.



Because He was Bonny Lad
Biddy the Bowl Wife
Buttered Peas
Chevy Chase
Friendly Visit
Herd on the Hill
Hesleyside Reel
Hexham Races
Holmes' Fancy
Jimmy Allen

Keelman O'er the land
Lads of Alnwick
Lamb Skinnet
Lamshaw's Fancy
Marquis of Lorne
Noble Squire Dacre
Old Drove Road
Peacock Followed the Hen
Proudlock's Hornpipe
Redesdale Hornpipe

Rowan Tree
Roxburgh Castle
Salmon Tails Up the Water
Sir John Fenwick's the Flower amang them a'...
Small Coals & Little Money
Ward's Brae 
Whinham's Reel
Whittingham Green Lane
Winster Gallop


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