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The Great Northern Tunebook

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Vickers Tune book

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Description Published in 2008 by EFDSS and NPS, this book presents the music from the William Vickers' Collection of Dance Tunes (1770) - a manuscript currently held by the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne. The first edition of the Great Northern Tune Book was published in three volumes by Dragonfly music 1986-7.

222 pages - A4 Portrait - Sewn & Drawn - Card Cover

Tune list (partial)

Lucy's Delight / Non Muchton's Hunt / Lord Bath's Gate / The Sudden Thought / What You Please / Wilk's Fancy / Much to do About Nothing /Jack A Latton / Capper Fay / A Wife of My Own / The Caledonian's Rant / The Stae Holder's Jig / Lady Warkworth's Reel / Steel's Jig / The Buildings in Harlequin / Richmond Ball / The School For Lovers / The Tipp Staff / The Long Room At Scarbray / Cameron's Got His Wife Again / Jack's Friends Is Never Pleas'd / The Life OF Man / Jack's Alive / The Reel OF Tulloch / The Reed House Rant / MacDonald's Reel / Love In A Village / Lady Jane Stuart's Rant / Byer's Maggot / Parth Inch / The Bonny Lad / The3 SCots Come Over The Border / New Daniel Cooper / The CAdgers of Canongate / The Pheasant's Dance / Show Me The Way TO Wallington / Jenny Dang The Weaver / The Swallow / The New Hay Makers / Hessian's Camp / Devil Stick The Minister / Lord Kanrey's Reel / Kiss Her Sweetly / The Fiddler's Jig / The Fiddler's Maggot / As You Like It / Double Kisses / Little Benton / The Scotch Contention / The Irish Jig / Love For Love / The High Way To Eglington / Downey's Humours / A Mile To Ride / The Butter Clout / The Comical Corner / New Sunderland Pier / Success to the Fleet / Haste to the Wedding / The Ducks Dang Ower My Daddy / Kitty Fisher / O But Sandy's Braw / Havannah Fleet is Coming / Kiss'd Behind the Garden / Lass If I Come Nigh Thee / Something New / Wapping Jig / Captain Lockland's Reel / Up Stairs and to Bed / The Sailors Is All at the Bar / Cuddle Me Cuddy / Had the Lass Till I Win At Her / Lady Mackintosh's Reel / The Kentish Cricketers / I Cannot Ken My Own House / Bowl Away / Warmouth Lads / Moor The Keel Canny Laddie / Welcome to the Town / The Drummer / The PArson in Boots / The Parson and his Boots / Shiffle and Cut / My Heart's Away with My Own Dear Honey / Little Wot You Wha's Coming / The Raking Quality / Welcome All Here Again / The Collier's Daughter / Tulloch Gorum / Miss Parker's Reel / The Lads Of Our Alley / Black Hamilton /Candle Gill / The Duke's Reel / The Sailor's Weding / Fisher Laddie / Shear Low Bonny Lass / Tristram Shandy / Tom Jones / The Devil in a Bush / The Droppet / The Basket of Oysters / Sleeping Maggie / My Lover's but a Lady Yet / The Cook's Pursuit / Cruds and Cream / Now or Never / The Spread Eagle / Stark Mad / Argyll's Bowling Green / Sweet as Sugar Candy / Money in Both Pockets / Dainty Davy / The Lady's Plaything / Jack's gone a Shearing / The Cameronian's Rant / Miss Murray's Reel / The Cow's Corrant / Jack Holmes' reel / Stannerton Hopping / Sunderland Pier / Hexham Lasses / The Piper's Maggot / The Quaker's Wife / The Highlander Kiss'd His Mother / Hey For Nothing / Chips and Shavins / Sunderland Lasses / Steer the Gill / The LAst Thought / Kitty will you MArry Kate / The Short Apron / The Lass and the Money is All My Own / Bon Gowe / windsor Forest / Kiss her Fast, Her Mother's Coming / Stanhope in Wardale / Bob and Joan / Wood and MAmarried and A' / Kiss her Betond the Haystack / Polly the LAss / The Castle Downs / Over the Moor a New Way / Litchfied Races / Thomas and Sally / The Lad with the Trousers On / Hey to the Camp / Coffee and Tea / If You will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go / Stay and take your Breeches Wi' Ye / Whip Her and Gird Her / Cuddy's Wedding / Over the water to Charlie / My Lad's Over Bonny for the Coal Trade / The Rantin' Highlander / The Scotch Bonnet / The Sham Boy / Over Soon to Marry Yet / Scampton Scade / The Keel Row / The Last Pint of Ale / The Isle of Skye / Wedding Shoes / The Merry Lasses / Bessy Bell and Mary Gray / The Can House / The Country Bumpkin / Lady's Delight / Cold and Raw / Lads of Duns / The Yorkshire Trip / Seeking the Galloway / Jacky's made a Wedding On't / Room For Beauty / Small Drink Wont Comfort Me / The Northumberland Lady / Petticoats Loose/ Jack I'll Never Leave Thee / The Cream Pot / Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning / Linton's Ffrolic / A trip to Leeds / The Old Wife Beyond the Fire / Jack's Getten a Wife / The Mantuamaker's Frolic / The Brickmaker's Frolic / Wile Him Away, Gingling Geordie / The Couple of Pigeons / My Wife is a Wanton Young Thing / Foot's Fegaries / Brekken at Branton / Bobby Shaftoe / We'll All Get Breeches When Jemmy Comes Home / Risty Gulley / Rusty Gulley / The Dusy Miller / Jack o'th' Green / The Button that Suits the Cloth / The Ragg / The Welsh Fusiliers / The Hemp Dressers / Jack's be the Daddy On't / The Peas Straw / The Rakes o' Mellow / Our Bride is no Maid / Black Jack .............. 

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