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Northumbrian Minstrelsy

The Northumbrian Minstrelry Tune book

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Northumbrian Minstrelsy

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Published in 1998, this contains a collection of pipe tunes originally published in 1882. The tunes have been typeset in a form similar to the other tunebooks of the Society and some of the errors in the Minstrelsy have been corrected. Although other sources of music from former centuries have been published recently, the Minstrelsy (with all its imperfections) was once, the most available collection of traditional Northumbrian Music.

44 pages - A5 Landscape - Folded & Stapled - Laminated Cover

Tune list

Chevy Chase/Coquetside/Wylam Away/Cockle Geordie/I saw my Love come passing by me/Felton Lonnin'/Jockey lay up in the Hay Loft/Stay a wee bit,Bonny Lad/The Broken-Legged Chicken/The Bonny Pit Laddie/Dorrington Lads/The Peacock followed the Hen/Blackett o' Wylam/Meggy's Foot/Because he was a Bonny Lad/The Fair Maid of Whickham/My Dearie Sits ower Late Up/Newburn Lads/Cut and Dry dolly/I'll have her in spite of her Minnie/Sir John Fenwick's the Flower Amang Them/The Lads of Alnwick/Cuddie Clauder/All the Night I Lay awake/All hands upon Deck/Go to Berwick Johnnie/Noble Squire Dacre/The Keelman Ower Land/The Parks O' Yester/Jockey Stays Lang at the Fair/The Wedding O' Blyth/Small Coals and Little Money/Stagshaw Bank fair/The Black Cock o' Whickham/The Miller's wife o' Blaydon/The Holey Halfpenny/Coffee and tea/Drucken Moll Knox/The Lass and the Money is all my own/Shew's the Way to Wallington/Cannie Hobbie Elliot/Pipers' Maggot/We'll all away to sunniside/The Green Brechans o' Branton/Peacock's Fancy/Peacock's March/Jackey Layton/Peacock's Tune/Lamshaw's Fancy/Morpeth Lasses/the Major/Andrew Carr/Follow her over the Border/Sunderlan Lasses./Leazes Hopping/The Coopero' Stannerton Heaugh/A Mile to Ride/Lang Stay'd Away/Bobby Shaftoe/Blaw the wind Southerly/Cuckold come out o'the Amrey/Fenwick o' Bywell/Hoop Her and Gird Her/Ower the Border/Till the Tide Comes in/Little Wot ye Wha's Coming/The Black and the grey/Little Fishie/Sandhill Corner/Rantin' Roarin'Willie/Fairly Shot of Her/Blanchland Races/The Hen's March/Keel row/New Highland Laddie/Christmas Day in the Morning/Buy Broom Buzzems/Durham Old Women 

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