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NPS Charlton Memorial Tune Book 3rd Ed

The Northumbrian Pipers' Charlton Memorial Tune book 3rd Edtion

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NPS Charlton Memorial Tune Book

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First Published in 1956, this book derives its title from the first president of the Northumbrian Pipers' Society who held that position from its inception in 1926 until his death in1943. It was intended that this should provide material to extend the repertoire of the small-pipe players of the day, and the majority of the tunes were drawn from the manuscript collection of John Armstrong of Carrick. Many of the tunes in this collection are in modes and forms which hark back to former times and so represent the traditional foundations of Northumbrian music.

Now in third edition expanded and edited by Julia Say

64 pages - A5 Landscape - Folded & Stapled - Card Cover

Tune list

Park/Whistle o'er the Lave o't/Boring with the Gimblet/Horsley Lasses/Beeswing/Nunwick Mill/Hall's Right Pump/Shane's Fancy/Bellingham Boat/The Banks of the Dee/By Summers/I have a Wife of my Aine/Kiss the Lass You Like Best/Long, Long ago/New Drops of Brandy/Up the Town/The Braw Lads of Jedburgh/Chips and Shavens/Jack's Alive/Carinsyke Lodge/Mr. Sharp's Quadrille/Buff and Blue/The Ruffian's Rant/The Lady of the Lake/Duchess's Slippers/Weymouth Quick Step/The Girl I Left Behind Me/A Favourite Tune/The Barngann Gill/Newcastle Station/The Oyster Girl/Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue/.Queen of Sluts/Willie is a Bonny Lad/Old Wife Behind the Haystack/Jessie the Flower of Dunblane/Erin GoBragh/.Andrew Carey/The Flying Coach/Over the Water to Charlie/Jockey Lay up in the Hayloft/The Lass of Dundee/Black Jack/The Fox and the Grapes/Dear Tobacco/Jackie's Friends is Never Pleased/Clean Pea Straw/Corn Rigs/The Keel Row/Cuddie Clauder/This is no my ain Lassie/Miss Maydell Armstrong/Coket Side/Wylam away/My Wife's a Wanton Wee aThing/The Howlett and the Weazle/Jigg/Captain Mulligan/Speed the Plough/Catterthun/Miss Murray's Reel/Miss Johnson's Reel/Lady Harriot Hope's reel/Captain Ross/Lord Lyndock/The Highlands of Banffshire/Miss Jane Johnstone/A Hornpipe/Hornpipe/A Hornpipe/Remember Me Hornpipe/Mrs. Dickinson's Hornpipe/Little Henie/A Hornpipe/The Sheffield Hornpipe/Miss Thompson's Hornpipe/Liddel's Hornpipe/A Hornpipe/Stockton Hornpipe/A Hornpipe/Bristol Hornpipe/Exhibition Hornpipe/Shipley's Hornpipe/Millicent's Favourite/The glendale Hornpipe/Whittingham Vale Hornpipe/The Tynedale Hornpipe/The Coquetdale Hornpipe/Rowley Burn/Morpeth Rant/Wrap up, Rowl up/Believe me if all those endearing Young Charms/The Blue Bells of Scotland/Buttered Peas/Derwentwater's Farewell/The Deil's in the Fish/The Miller o'Dron/Town Green Polka/The Broken Panel/The Old Wife on the Hay Mow/The Mile/Back of the Grampian Hills/The Quay Side/Silver Street Lasses/Squire of Bensham/Marquis of Huntley's Reel/Miss Ward's Reel/Hareshawhead Strathspey/The Heather Bell Hornpipe/James Davey's Hornpipe/When the Tide comes in/The Lea Rigges 

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